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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  November 27, 2009 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> a military career spanning 28 years, one of the nation's most highly decorated officers. she was inducted into the women's national hall of fame. welcome to comcast local edition. my guest this hour is brigadier general wilma vaught, president of women in military service for america memorial foundation. >> thanks for joining me. >> it's a pleasure. >> what's the significance of the women in military service for america foundation?
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>> memorial foundation. >> it's the only mental motherally that pays tribute to women of all eras who have served in our nation's armed forces. further, it's unique in the world. there isn't anyplace else that has a memorial like this, honoring the women who served the nation. >> and women have been participating in wars forever. >> you're right, back to deborah. >> most definitely. >> and so when we get to the memorial, what will we find? this. >> you will find a place with an exterior and an interior. we built and education center. our feeling was that people didn't know anything about what women had done. >> correct. >> we needed to tell this story. we did the education center. inside the education center, you will find exhibits giving a
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chronology of women's service with artifacts from those different periods of time. then we show films about their service. we have a gift store. we have a haul of honor, and that's a particularly unique place at the present time, because that's where we pay tribute to the women who have been canes in these present conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. and then there is the register, which is the heart of the memorial. that's where the records of the women who are registered, you can go in and look them up an computers, and they come up on the screen, and if they've submitted a picture, it will have their picture, name, record of service, what decorations they have, and if they've chosen to do so, it will have their memorable experiences. some of those are really wonderful to read. >> so, we can find out about as
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many people that women who have actually registered to find out about their military career. >> that's correct, that's some 340,000 women, which sounds like a big number, and it is. but when you think of the fact that there has been two and a half million women or more who have served, it's a small percentage. >> and so how can we encourage women who have served to submit their stories? by outreach, emails, how can we get them to submit their stories. >> any and all ways, including email and outreach. if you go on our website, and register, there's a simple form that you fill out, doesn't take over 10 or 15 minutes to do. you can submit your picture on line. and even though we ask for a small donation. >> right.
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>> that's optional. you can do it, you don't have to donate at all to register. we're very interested in getting people registered. and you can call our office. we have a simple 800 number to call, 1800 i absolute. and you can get information sent to you if you're not on the internet. >> where is the memorial located? >> it is the main gate at arlington national cemetery. we're directly across from the lincoln memorial, and just down the hill from arlington house, the lee kustos mansion. >> it sounds incredible. i hope every current and veteran service woman will submit their information to tell their story. >> i would hope so. i would just be delirious with
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joy. >> thank you. >> my guest has been brigadier general wilma vaught. if you're interested in what


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